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Temple Old Kirk and its picturesque churchyard represent a unique and distinctive historic monument central to the identity of Temple Village in Midlothian, Scotland. 

A group of local people have come together to work in partnership with local government and national heritage organisations to address the deterioration in the structure of the Old Kirk, which has long been exposed to the

severities of the Scottish climate.


The aim is to develop a conservation project that will preserve the heritage of the Old Kirk and its churchyard to make the historical significance of the ruined Kirk 

more accessible to a greater number of visitors to the site. 


This project will also establish links with local schools

and university researchers to promote skills in historical documentation and archive creation to preserve

local history and make it available to wider audiences.


Temple Old Kirk regularly attracts people from other parts of Scotland, the rest of the UK and from Europe

along with international visitors from across the world.

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